Attending a March

There is a long tradition of marching for justice! In scripture this includes marching round the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6), Moses leading the people to freedom from slavery, and even Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey (possibly purposely contrasting with the Roman authorities’ parades of horses and soldiers). It is a way we can put our hunger for righteousness into action, walking in solidarity with others, denouncing (protesting against) injustice and announcing (campaigning for) a better way. 

© CAFOD Twitter

© CAFOD Twitter

  • Food! Take snacks and drinks.
  • Sun cream and/or umbrellas - who knows what the weather will do?!
  • Placards, flags, banners,
  • Costumes,
  • Percussion instruments – make your own!

Useful Websites 
Transport for London 
Websites about the march – normally a march will have a main website to visit.
Websites of groups that are taking part in the march.

Taking part in a march can be a fantastic step in engagement with justice and peace – it can be uplifting and exciting to see that so many people care about an issue. But taking part in a march can also be stressful, tiring and off-putting.

To help you have a positive experience;

  • Do your research. Look up information on the organisers’ website and definitely check public transport on the day.
  •  Don’t feel you have to complete the whole march. Doing 20 minutes with the march then standing at the side, cheering, waving and seeing the range of participants might be a much more encouraging experience. It also means you don’t need to join the crowds at the end of the march queuing for public transport!
  • Think about the needs of your family in terms of food, drink and toilets. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • There is often a faith gathering or service before the march – these are great as they’ll help your family see the link between faith and action.
  • Go with a group and/or join a group of marchers that are like-minded.
  • Agree a rendezvous point, just in case you get spilt up.
  • Take a picture of your family and upload it to the website, post it on facebook and put it in your parish newsletter – your witness can inspire others.