Calling for Action on Climate Change

God has given us an abundant world to tend and share. Yet all over the world we can see how we have failed to protect our planet.  

In communities where CAFOD partners works, many are suffering from more frequent and extreme floods, storms, or droughts, pushing the most vulnerable people further into poverty. Farming families are struggling with more unpredictable seasons, meaning crops fail and livestock die because of a lack of food and water. Pope Francis says if we think about the world we are leaving for future generations, “we look at things differently; we realize that the world is a gift which we have freely received and must share with others”. Out of love for our sisters and brothers worldwide, we are called to respond to climate change.

  • Access to the internet
  • Some sheets of paper to cut into heart shapes
  • Scissors and pens
  • You might like to buy some CAFOD campaigns stickers by visiting the CAFOD shop

Explain that you are going to make a difference to people who live in poverty by changing your life to take better care of our resources. Watch the age-appropriate video (see links) and discuss it together.

Copyright CAFOD

Copyright CAFOD

  • Think as a family how you could help look after the world
  • Write prayers and/or pledges of actions you will take on heart-shaped pieces of paper.
  • Display these hearts somewhere prominent in the house (fridges or bathroom mirrors are nice and visible.
  • Take a photo and email the photo, explaining what you did to and maybe even tell your parish, family and friends!
  •  If the owner of the house doesn’t mind, stick CAFOD ‘Turn me down’ or ‘Switch me off’ stickers on electrical items.