Clothe yourself with compassion

“Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12).

Living these qualities means our words and actions must be full of love: for ourselves, for God and for others. Sometimes we forget that where and how we decide to spend our money impacts on others. When we look deeper, we may find that our choices do not show love. This simple activity challenges us to explore alternatives to buying cheap clothing from big shops. 

  • The internet
  • Clothes from your wardrobe

Useful websites
Labour behind the label

Where do our clothes come from?

This action considers how we might help young people to think about where their clothes come from.

Copyright CC0 Public Domain

Copyright CC0 Public Domain

Aged 5+:

Look together at the label on one of your items of clothing. Where was it made? Find the country on a map.

Draw a picture of all the people who might have been involved in making that piece of clothing and getting it to the shops.

Talk about how much the item of clothing cost and how this must be shared with everyone involved in the process.

As they grow older:

Watch this BBC video on what we can do as a consumer.

Discuss alternatives to buying new clothes from big shops.

-          Fair trade
-          Buying from charity shops
-          Swapping clothes with friends and family

Organise an event to encourage one of these approaches (e.g. a clothes swapping event or a charity-shop-clothes-only fashion show).

Consider writing a letter to a big shop (and the local newspaper?) explaining why you did what you did.

Find out more about campaigning from 'Labour behind the label' here.