Justice Psalm

These scripture based activities contain a passage from the Bible for families to read and explore together. However, don’t feel limited by what’s here! There are so many other passages you could use, including choosing from the readings of the day or the readings from the Sunday mass.

One way of exploring scripture as a family is reading the passage together before a meal and then discussing it while eating. 

Paraphrase of psalm 72
(by Fr David O'Malley SDB)

Lord, bring your justice into our world
And your wisdom to those who rule
Let this wisdom endure for generations
And fall like rain on parched ground.

Let peace and justice blossom like flowers
And stay fresh until the moon fails
Let God’s wisdom soak the whole earth
From sea to sea through every land.

Cynicism and self interest will vanish
Vengeance will evaporate into thin air
All earth’s rulers will give way
Before the light of God’s wisdom. 

God will rescue the poor from oppression
Protecting them from tyranny and torture
The harvest will be endless
with food for everyone on earth.

This psalm contains so many beautiful images. It can be used to open up deep concepts such as ‘cynicism’, ‘self interest’ and ‘oppression’, perhaps through considering situations in the world today.

  • The first verse is all about wisdom. How do we develop our gift of wisdom? For your family, who are “those who rule”?
  • “Let peace and justice blossom like flowers”! What do flowers need to grow? What do peace and justice need to grow?