Praying with Maps

Ours is a global faith; “God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). From the very beginnings the Christian community has been international. At Pentecost, for example, the Holy Spirit came to the disciples and they went out to preach: “a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard their own language being spoken” (Acts 2:16).

Using a map (or a globe) and the internet in prayer can help your family to visualise the world. It can highlight global connections and the importance of being one family, God’s family.  

Copyright CC0 Public domain

Copyright CC0 Public domain

  • Globe
  • Map poster
  • Stickers or Post-it notes

Useful Websites 
Online Globe 

Amnesty International country profiles 

BBC country profiles 

BBC World news


Using BBC world news or similar, identify together justice issue affecting an area of the world. Perhaps consider global issues connected to climate change, peace or migration.

Using the map/globe and the internet, find out more about that country  (for example, language, flag, national bird/animal, interesting facts, climate, …). Finish by writing a prayer together for that country and its people.

Prayer example: Loving Father we bring before you (the area), we pray for the people of (name of place), and in particular (a certain justice issue that is prevalent in this area). 

For younger children

Use a simple map - posters can be picked up fairly cheaply online or in most pound shops. Pick an area of the world you would like to pray for and ask a family member to place a sticker on the map marking its people.

As they get older

Use a more detailed map and do more research about the country. What social justice issues are prominent? As a family write a prayer for this area. Consider making a specific time each month for family prayer for this area of the world.