Praying with Newspapers

As Christians we are called to listen to God in multiple ways. For example, we can hear His message to us in scripture, at church, in nature, in each other and by “reading the signs of the times”.

This activity is what it says it is! Using newspapers is a great way of looking at the world, drawing out current justice issues for your family to pray about.

  • Newspapers
  • Candle
  • Reflective music

Begin with the sign of the 

Using two members of your family as a call and response

Newspapers and prayer?
                                         God in the world!

If there’s hunger?
                                         Pray for food and water

Where there is bloodshed?
                                        Pray for peace

Story about politicians?     
                                        Pray for our leaders

Some good news?
                                        Thank the Lord

Oppression and injustice?
                                        Invite in God’s spirit

Now spend some time in silence praying as a family with newspapers. Read, find an article, cut or rip it out, pray about it, then place it by a candle. Bring these stories to God and let God bring these stories into your hearts. Look at what you each chose and consider asking your family to explain why they picked particular 

Close with this prayer using two family members to read the below. Alternatively write your own prayer as a family.

Loving Father, thank you for being active in our world.

Loving Father, thank you for sharing in our concerns.

Loving Father, thank you for the opportunities you give us to serve you through serving others. 

Loving Father, thank you for opening our eyes to all your children’s needs.

For younger children

With younger children, instead of newspaper articles try using pictures.

The BBC and others publish news pictures that reflect the daily news.

As they get older

Why not chose some articles to discuss after prayer? Draw out together the injustices you find in the articles. Invite each family member to pray aloud for each of these issues.