Reflecting on the day

This activity uses a traditional prayer called the examen. The word ‘examen’ is a Spanish word meaning ‘examine’. It is an Ignatian style prayer (following St Ignatius), helpful for you and your family to reflect back over your day, noticing where God was at work. Technically it is an ‘examination of conscience’. This might sound daunting, but it is actually a simple and prayerful way to find God’s love, justice and peace in the world.

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • A room/garden big enough for you all to stand in your own space 

Useful websites
Loyola Press Jesuit examen guide

Begin in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit…

Place your hand over your heart and think of someone today that showed you or another person love. Say thank you to God for his love and the love this person showed.

Place your hand over your lips and thank God for the words you have heard today. Has anyone said something that inspires or encourages you? Has anyone gone out of their way to speak up for the good of others, for peace or against injustice? Give examples if appropriate - this is often very helpful in prayer

Place your hand on your feet and ask God to help you step forward as the best person you can be. Notice where you could love more and make better use of the words you say to do good. Thank God for promising to always walk with you.

Finishing prayer:

Loving Father, thank you for this beautiful day and the ways you use me to work for what is good, right and just. Help me to love you and all your children more each day. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen. 

As they get older:

Older children might prefer to write their examen in a diary form. Try and do the examen at the end of the week, noticing issues that need to be prayed for and actions you feel challenged to take.