'Justice up' your home!

“Proclaim the good news to all creation!” (Mark 16:15) To all creation? Yes, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves first. The idea of this activity is to share challenging and encouraging messages amongst our families. And by taking time to choose which quotes to display and considering different ways in which they might present them, your family will explore the messages and give them time to sink in.  

Copyright Carissa Rogers 

Copyright Carissa Rogers 

‘‘Justice up’ your home!’  is a simple activity – and it can take as long as you wish. The big idea is to decorate your home with justice and peace quotes and images to inspire and encourage all who see them.

Most activity pages of this website should have a justice and peace quote displayed on it – you could start with choosing your favourites of these and thinking about how you might display them in your home.

Be as creative as you like! You might start with decorating your fridge, bathroom door or bedroom. How about justice and peace-themed bunting for a family BBQ or party?

For younger children

Choose simple, easy to understand quotes such as ‘Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9) or “You are my disciples if you have love for one another” (John 13:35).

Talk with your child about what the quote you chose means and how they might show this on a poster – then make sure to show your works of art off to all your family and friends!

You might also consider ordering posters from CAFOD or other organisations.

As they grow older

Look in the bible for relevant quotes, for example where Jesus shows concern and care for those who are poor and vulnerable.

Ask them to get creative in how they display the quote. They might like to make justice and peace-themed greeting cards to send to relatives and neighbours (or even your MP).

Another fun idea is to use these quotes as a hunt around the house or to place them inside cupboards as an inspiring surprise!