What’s it for?

This site offers materials to help families explore faith in action, learning and acting together for the common good. This is made up of ‘Activities’ and ‘Inspiration’.

Who’s it for?

We have written materials for ‘adults’ to use with ‘families’, and we don’t want to limit what we mean by this! It could be parents together with their children, but it might be the ‘guerrilla grandmother’ with her grandchildren, siblings together or god-parents. Do whatever works for you.

We have purposely avoided stating age recommendations on activities. You know your families best so please select, adapt, extend and simplify as you wish. In order to improve what we offer we’d really appreciate feedback, so please get in touch!

What about going beyond our family?

We have dreams of networks of families meeting together and using these materials. If you’d like to explore this idea with us, please get in touch.

How can I tell others about this website?

Thanks very much! Please feel free to share the link, post on Facebook and so on – this is a resource available to anyone.

Is this all for free?

Yes, all this material is free for families and groups of families to use. If you belong to another organisation and want to reuse this material, please get in touch.